KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON (June 8, 2018) — This week the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS® launched a new lockbox program replacing the conventional mechanical lockboxes that have been commonly used throughout Ontario for over the past 30 years. The new devices feature state-of-the-art technology to ensure KWAR REALTORS® continue to provide the highest standard of professional services to their clients.

This new program is a partnership with SentiLock LLC who are owned by the National Association of REALTORS® and currently provide services to over 400,000 REALTORS® in North America, and over 30,000 REALTORS® in Canada.

“Keeping a house key in a lockbox is a common practice for home-owners in the process of selling their home,” explains KWAR President Tony Schmidt. “It provides convenience for showing properties and facilitates cooperation between Realtors. Today, programmable and recording electronic lockboxes offer a robust suite of features and tools mechanical ones do not. It is not that there was anything wrong with the mechanical product, simply that the electronic one has finally evolved to the point where they are clearly superior and frankly, consumers expect and deserve the best from their REALTOR®.”

The SentriLock lockbox is Bluetooth compatible to allow the REALTORS®’s smart-phone to become their key, eliminating the use of static passcodes. They have also received security certification from Underwriters Laboratories, Industry Canada and Loss Prevention Services in the UK. Not only do the boxes offer greater physical security, but the supporting software:

  • Accurately records the time, date and specific authorized REALTOR® who opened the lockbox.
  • Touch ID and Facial Recognition to open Lockbox through the REALTORS®’s app.
  • Notify the listing brokerage in real time when a lockbox is opened.
  • Individual lockboxes can be programmed to only operate during the showing hours approved by the seller.
  • Lockboxes are assigned to the property, creating a detailed and accurate record of all showings.
  • Operate in severe weather.
  • Long-life batteries.

This week over 1,000 KWAR members attended training on the new system and picked up their hardware. Beginning July 3, 2018, where the seller wants their REALTOR® to use a lockbox on a KWAR MLS® System listing, that lockbox must be a Sentrilock electronic lockbox.

“This was a major change for us, but our members saw the benefits,” says Schmidt. “They appreciate that the system offers greater security, accountability, information and enhances the professionalism between Realtors, and they were eager for it. The backbone of the MLS® System is a higher standard of information, professionalism and cooperation, which is why we’ve introduced this system. At the end of the day, securing our clients’ property is paramount, and no REALTOR® is willing to use a second-best product when there is a better one available.”

For Media Inquiries: Please contact Bill Duce, Executive Officer of KWAR at 519-576-1400